company profile

Corporate Ideology

SBT observes the following fundamental principles in our business.

  • [Corporate Philosophy]
    (Significance of Existence)
    Smile and Happiness to ALL
  • [Management Philosophy]
    (management policy)
    Corporate management for contribution to the society throughout continuous growth and development
  • [Guideline for Action]
    (Observed by all the people engaged in SBT from management to employees)
    Trast, Challenge, Growth, Professionalism, Global&Local, and Compliance

Corporate Philosophy

Smile and Happiness to ALL

It is our most significance and value to bring smiles and happiness to employees, their families, customers, suppliers and people around the world with us.
SBT aspires to be an enterprise to provide life-enriching pleasure, not only economic benefit, thoughout our business.

Management Philosophy

Corporate management for contribution to the society throughout continuous growth and development

- Adapting to constantly changing markets and business environment
- Proper selection of business domains
- Proper cost cutting
- Operational efficiency improvement by more effective use of IT system
- Organized structure formation
- Placement of the right people in the right jobs
- Development of human resources for higher skills and professionalism
- Investment in promising markets
- Challenging new businesses
SBT exercises agile and flexible coroporate management for continuous depevepment and growth and contributes to the society.

Guideline for Action

  1. 1. Trust
    To earn the trust of our customers, partners, and all those involved with us.
  2. 2. Challenge
    To keep the challenge alive without fear of failure.
  3. 3. Growth
    To pursue permanent growth without indulging in the current status
  4. 4. Professionalism
    To strive to provide prompt, courtesy and high quality of offerings, such as products, service and operation, with professionalism
  5. 5. Global&Local
    To have high and wide awareness of the global&local world and profound understanding of circumstances and people of each country
  6. 6. Compliance
    To comply with the rules and regulations as a member of society