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Company Name SBT CO., LTD.
Foundation January, 1993
President and CEO Inami Taro
Head Office Yokohama Plaza Bldg. 10F, 2-6 Kinko-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 221-0056 JapanMAP 
Tel: +81-45-290-9480
Fax: +81-45-290-9481
Offices 2 Domestic Offices, 32 Overseas Offices (as of November 2022)
Number of Employees 238 (Domestic), 1,111 (Overseas), Total 1,349 (as of February 2021)
Business Description Export and Sale of Automobiles, and similar
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Main Bank MUFG Bank, Bank of Yokohama, Mizuho Bank, and others
License of Secondhand Dealer Kanagawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission; No. 452740600252
URL Corporate
Used Car Online 


In 2020, we renewed our management philosophy and action guidelines and launched new challenges.
In order for all SBT staff in the world to think they are happy working for us,
and in order for customers and business partners in the world to think they are happy working with us,
we continue dedicating all our strength to business growth by believing in our team’s will power even if we experience difficult challenges.
We look forward to your continued patronage of SBT in the future.

President & CEO
Inami Taro

Corporate Philosophy

Smile and Happiness to ALL

SBT delivers "Smiles and Happiness to All," including our employees, their families, customers, and business partners,
as well as your local communities. We believe this is our mission and maximum value.
SBT aims to become a company that can provide not only economic benefits
but also pleasure to enrich the individual’s life through our business activities.

Management Philosophy

Be One Team, Change the World

To achieve further growth in this significantly changing modern environment, we pursue business operations centered on people.
In the new management philosophy established in 2020, "Any challenges that cannot be overcome alone can be overcome by us
working together as a team," we embrace such an idea.
To achieve our corporate philosophy, we continue to overcome challenges to further our team’s will power.

Conduct Guidelines

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know the other party
  3. Create a trusting relationship with each other
  4. Get over the wall with a team