Basic Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

Basic Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

SBT CO., LTD. declares the following basic policy in order to prevent damages caused by groups or individuals (so-called "Anti-Social Forces (ASF)") that pursue economic benefit by making full use of violence, force and fraudulent means.

We will deal with ASF as an organization and we will ensure the security of our staff who deals with unreasonable demands by ASF.

We will terminate all relationships with ASF, including any business relationships, and our staffs resolutely work toward to achieve it.

We will never give benefits, and never conduct illegal transactions with ASF.

In case of we recognize any unreasonable demands from ASF, we will deal with requests by taking civil and criminal legal action against them.

In order to eliminate ASF and prevent damages caused by ASF, we will cooperate closely with police office, attorney and specialized agencies etc.